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Highslide JSWelcome to the official website for the Claybourn Genealogical Society ("CGS"), and a particular welcome to the hundreds of Claybourn / Claiborne / Clayborn / Claybourne descendants worldwide. The purpose of CGS is to provide leadership in assembling and recording data and information on ancestors and descendants of the Claybourn family (with variants of the name), and also to cultivate the ties of friendship among all Claybourn families.

As early as 1906, Verner Marvin Claybourn began collecting data on the Claybourn Family, and on the English family from whom he believed we descended. In about 1935 Harriette Pinnell Threlkeld became interested, did some research, and with Verner collected data on the hundreds of descendants of William Divine Claybourn, her great-grandfather. From their foundational core Joshua Andrew Claybourn created this one-of-a-kind website with an eye toward updating and improving the biographical data on thousands of individuals connected to the Claybourn family.

The ancient and honorable family coat of arms featured on this page is the more commonly accepted variation of the arms first granted to the family in about 1584-1585. The motto in Saxon is "Lofe clibbor na sceame", which means "Tenacious of what is right, not of what is shameful." The motto in Latin is "Confide recti agens", which means roughly the same thing.

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